Your body deserves a fresh start

Feeling bloated, sick tired, irritable?

Are you ready to cleanse your body/cells of daily toxin exposure and ready to feel better, sleep better look better and have more energy?.. We're here to help! Let us customize a selection of our unique cold-pressed juices to help nourish and heal your body & mind by flooding your system with plant-based, nutrient-rich goodness! Who’s juicing with us?

Cleanse FAQ

Why Juice Cleanse?

Do you feel bloated, tired, sick, and/or irritable? Do you seem to have trouble losing weight? Are you ready to cleanse your body and cells of daily toxin exposure? Are you ready to feel better, sleep better, look better and have more energy?.. Yes! These are just a few of the benefits a juice cleanse has to offer.

When & Where do I cleanse?

Anytime is a GREAT time for a cleanse. You wouldn’t plan a cleanse during a celebration that includes your favorite foods, but who are we to say? Our juices are convenient and travel great! They can be frozen if needed, and stored in a cooler. Juicing during your normal work week is ideal. And.. let’s just go ahead and address it.. most people don’t need to camp out near a bathroom. Occasionally, if needed, that can happen. We do have specific juices that can help with that process.. you know, to move things along.

How Long Do I Cleanse?

This is a question only you can answer. We don’t know your commitment level or your budget. You can do something as simple as replacing one meal with a juice. You may choose to commit to a half-day cleanse or do a five-day cleanse. You may love it so much that you may want to continue cleansing. Many people that have not done a cleanse with us start out with a one-day to give it a try, but that’s entirely up to you!

Why do we customize our cleanses?

Not all juice cleanses are alike. We LOVE to customize juice cleanses by tailoring our broad selection of house-created fresh juices to your personal needs. Sometimes we have aches, pains, inflammation, anxiety, gastro-intestinal issues or high blood pressure.. the list goes on. We have juices created to target specific issues! Let us know what you’re dealing with and we’ll recommend juices to fit your needs! That being said, cleansing for no specific reason, other than the amazing health benefits, is always great too!

Why Cold Pressed Juice?

Our Goodnature press uses upwards of 2,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure. This means that our DAILY FRESH PRESSED juices have more nutrients, taste better and last longer than countertop (centrifugal, masticated) made juices.

We never pasteurize or HPP! When we cold-press fruits and vegetables, we are left with liquid vitamins and minerals which are easier to digest than when they are in solid form. We specifically and purposefully create each of our juices here at Juice Life to contain superfood blends that will have a positive impact on your health.

Why is unpasteurized better?

Our juices are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and living enzymes. This is because unlike big brand store-bought juice, our juices are never pasteurized. This superheating process kills the majority of nutrients our bodies require to function at the highest level possible. We ensure through our comprehensive sanitation processes that every juice is safe and free from anything harmful. Our Goodnature hydraulic press is run daily to turn out fresh juices loaded with natural, healing ingredients you won’t find in any pasteurized product.

Cleanse Customization

Juice 1 - Green Juice: Green Aid or Healthy Green
Juice 2 - Carrot Juice: Ready, Set Glow!
Juice 3 - Beet Juice: Beet This or Body Fuel
Juice 4 - Customer Choice: from a variety of Staple or Featured Juices
Juice 5 - Customer Choice: from a variety of Staple or Featured Juices
Juice 6 - Almond Mylk: Choose from a variety of superfood infused Almond Mylks ranging from Cacao Mylk to Majikal Mylk

Cleanse Pricing?

Half Day Cleanse $34 4 cold-pressed juices
1 Day Cleanse $50 6 cold-pressed juices
2 Day Cleanse $100 12 cold-pressed juices
3 Day Cleanse $150 18 cold-pressed juices
5 Day Cleanse $250 30 cold-pressed juices
Half Day Cleanse- Juice Until Dinner
1 Day Cleanse (or more)- Juice All Day

Pricing & Packages


"Reset | Renew | Rejuvenate"

HALF DAY CLEANSE - (4 cold-pressed juices) $34

1 DAY CLEANSE - (6 cold-pressed juices) $50

2 DAY CLEANSE - (12 cold-pressed juices) $100

3 DAY CLEANSE - (18 cold-pressed juices) $150

5 DAY CLEANSE - (30 cold-pressed juices) $250